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Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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this being my first entry on my blog here i figured i’ll give you guys a quick idea of into why i started this up and what my goals are.

  1. my name is Robert, i was born in texas and have been very nomadic in my life, moving a total of 14 times now all around the southwest. 
  2. up untill the last 5-6 years i was a typical american, the biggest factors in my life were football, baseball, hockey and girls.
  3. i have always enjoyed studying past cultures, with emphasis on ancient Egypt. about 3 years ago i started up college in pursuit of a degree in archaeology.
  4. this was the beginning of the end, and at the same time it was the beginning of something i thought i wasnt ready for but always knew was there and id have to face.
  5. while in college i started to not only study past cultures but also our own, and what i was finding out was very scary.

I always knew that our elected representatives lied to us at every opportunity. i still thought that they had the “greater good”  in mind. OOOOHHHH boy was i wrong. like most as our economy just kept progressively getting worse i started to take notice and looked into why it was happening. what i came to see was not only was this not the first time that this has happened to america, let alone the world. i stared to see similarities in how these collapses happened,  also there was always the same players in power when they happened. it sent me to this conclusion, that what is happening in our world the declining education, the geo-engineering, the financial collapses here and abroad, all the wars are 100% planned by a select few to usher in their sick and perverted global goals.

Most american know that these things are going on, but are so stuck in their own little world that they think if i act like an ostrich and stick my head in the sand and just live my life that no harm will come to me. when in reality those people will be the first round-up and sent to the FEMA concentration camps that are currently being built. 

 i hope that people will wake up and take america back, and legalize the Constitution and Bill of Rights. as one of my favorite radio show personalities Alex Jones said “the answer to 1984 is 1776”.

in my blog i will post articles and write my own that show our declining education, the police state, the GMO’s that are poisoning our crops,the planned banker takeover, and the out right destruction of our Constitution and other examples in hopes that you will stand up and start to make the change needed to become a free country again.

my last word for the day is i hope you look into our current presidential race.  in my opinion the only true candidate that wants to make america great again, and doesn’t just stand up there reciting talking points is Ron Paul.

  1. sharon says:

    Can’t wait to read more!

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