Is it the Foreign Policy, or a Policy thats Foreign?

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What the MSM tells us is that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is “Dangerous” or “Threatens National Security” and that if he becomes the next president we will be attacked by terrorists. Also, by bringing all our troops home all that “void” that we leave will become terrorist breeding grounds. now if that’s true then of course that would be a big area of concern we should have when considering him of Commander and Chief . But what if we learn that his foreign policy is one that promotes liberty and maintains strong national security? what if we finally realize that while supporting and funding both sides of almost all wars, while ensuring you can call yourselves the victor, only promotes more wars not liberty? What if the people realize that the greatest benefit of any and all wars is the government’s ability to TAKE liberty for security?

so lets hear from this guy…

ok sure he is amazing at talking points in these debates, but once you get him in a long sit down you will see the “politician” come out right?

i guess this guy has been consistent his whole political career. not only that but in his book A Foreign Policy of Freedom “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship” , which is a collaboration of most of his speeches on the floor while in congress, starting in the mid-70’s his speeches show how we constantly and through willful ignorance support both side of most wars in an effort to institute  a New World Order. and believe me this NWO they want is worse than Adolf Huxley’s Brave New World combined with Georgle Orwells 1984.

Lets not get distraught by the admitted vote fraud that is going on in this presidential run. Ron Paul is a leading candidate and we can have our peaceful revolution and restore the bill of rights and constitution, it is the delegates that will decide our president. so stay active and focused this country can be great again and it will be because of us this country will reign supreme again. this video is a decent breakdown of what i mean…

Lets us not forget the Ron Paul IS the choice of our Military.

and a march on the White House by miltary to show support of Ron Paul and shed light on the fact that they too hate the endless wars for empire.


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