Combat Cops Evict Homeowner in Colorado

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Kurt Nimmo
November 2, 2012

Militarized cops in full combat gear were called to evict a woman from her house in Idaho Springs, Colorado, on October 30.

“The homeowner facing eviction was apparently underwater on her mortgage with US Bank. She says she told the bank that all she was asking was for another 30 days in the home before an eviction. She needed an extra month in order to find another place to live, she said,” the PrivacySOS blog reported on October 31.

“But US Bank and the Creek County Sheriff’s Department had other plans, culminating a show of force that thoroughly alarmed activists who had descended on the property to attempt to prevent the eviction.”

As the video below demonstrates, militarized cops dispatched by the bank were primarily interested in sending a message to Occupy Denver activists.

The militarized response by the establishment to the Occupy movement last year – culminating in riots in Oakland, California – is only the beginning. As the wheels continue to come off the economy and people realize the government works for banksters dedicated to stealing their homes and wealth, many will take to the street and combat cops will be dispatched in larger numbers to squelch their indignation.

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