As nation watches in horror, LAPD commits premeditated arson, murder against homicide suspect Christopher Dorner

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Guns, Police State
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) Just as was predicted and described by InfoWars and Natural News, the LAPD has been caught red-handed committing premeditated arson and murder against homicide suspect Christopher Dorner.

The proof is in the police scanner audio which has now gone public. In this audio, LAPD officers are heard saying:

“We’re gonna go forward with the plan with the burner.”

“Like we talked about.”

“Burners deployed, and we have a fire.”

Repeated by dispatcher: “Burners deployed, and we have a fire.”

“(unintelligible)…mission success.”

“We have fire in the front. He might come out the back.”

“Looks like it’s starting to collapse.”

“We’re gonna start bringing fire in, about 200 yards out.”

“Break 61 Lincon, 61 Charlie, you ready for fire?”

You can hear all this starting at around the 1:00 mark in the following video:

“F#cking burn this motherf#cker!” — LAPD officers as heard on live television

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson also reported the following evidence:

In a separate clip carried by a local news channel, police are heard to say, “F#cking burn this motherf#cker,” and “burn that f#cking house down.” This audio appears to be from earlier in the siege following the initial shootout between Dorner and cops.

As the Guardian reports, tweets made by journalist Max Blumenthal, who was listening live to police scanner feeds, correlate with the audio from the YouTube clips.

Shortly after smoke was seen rising from the cabin, police ordered online scanner feeds to be cut having earlier barred networks like CNN from carrying live footage of the scene and telling journalists not to put out tweets.

Click here to listen to police audio as police are screaming, “Burn this motherf#cker down!”

LAPD caught in premeditated arson and murder

The evidence is now crystal clear: The LAPD knowingly planned and carried out an act of homicidal arson against a murder suspect. No attempt was made to arrest him. As Natural News has reported for several days, this was and always has been an execution operation against a former LAPD officer who obviously needed to be silenced at all costs.

Some of the idiotic online trolls who actually support all this don’t get why this is such a powerful example of runaway law enforcement tyranny: The LAPD now operates as if it is judge, jury and executioner. No evidence has been presented to any court concerning the charges against Christopher Dorner. No trial has taken place. No sentence has been handed down by a judge. No jury has heard anything. This is an all-out premeditated murder by the LAPD of a murder suspect who the media had all but condemned to die.

What if they were all wrong? What if this was a setup? How do you know we aren’t all being played? That’s the whole point of an arrest and a trial, so that a man who stands accused has an opportunity to defend himself with evidence and testimony. I’m not saying Dorner is innocent, but how do we KNOW he isn’t?

Keep in mind that during all this, the LAPD engaged in attempted murder of other innocent citizens by wildly firing into their vehicles and also ramming one man’s vehicle with a police car. It’s astonishing, actually, that nobody else was killed by the LAPD in their murderous rampage. This has all been a jaw-dropping example of LApolice gone wild, abandoning all law and due process, and turning itself into an execution squad of armed, taxpayer-funded gang members.

As I have already pointed out in previous articles, during this manhunt, a typical LA citizen was more likely to be killed by the LAPD than by Dorner. The LAPD actually put far more people in harm’s way than Dorner. After all, Dorner carefully selected his targets, but the LAPD was wildly shooting at seemingly anyone.

One more reason to get the hell out of California

Let it be known that law and due process have been completely abandoned in California. I know from investigating the “raw milk crimes” issue that both the LA County and Ventura County district attorneys are all exactly the same as the LAPD execution squad members: They operate completely outside of law, driven solely by revenge and personal vendettas against their selected enemies.

California has devolved into a Mad Max system of justice, where citizens have no rights, no trial and no due process. The police and the prosecutors have became the predatory aggressors, and it is they who are armed and dangerous, running around the city with itchy trigger fingers, dishing out “justice” at the end of a gun. This is now a verified fact.

The LAPD committed countless violations of state and federal law in this reckless, insane manhunt. Numerous LAPD officers deserve to be charged with attempted murder of innocent civilians. The entire police force has turned into a paramilitary terrorist organization that recognizes no law, no court system and no restraint. The LAPD, in essence, has become the enemy of the People.

And to think: State legislators want police to have ALL the guns

We are witnessing the collapse of civilized society and the rise of anarchy, with the LAPD leading the way in California. Think about where this is headed, folks: California legislators are working very hard right now to criminalize firearms ownership by private citizens. This is going to mean all the citizens will be disarmed while the raging execution squad known as the LAPD has a monopoly on guns.

What will the LAPD do with all that power over the people? Take a guess. “Burn that motherf#cker down” might give you a clue.

Leave while you still can.

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