Follow Up Attack? Ricin Sent To Senator Who Ended Gun Control Filibuster; Second Letter Sent To Obama

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Police State, Politics, US President

Pattern beginning to emerge as some suggest both attacks could be right wing, pro-gun extremists

Steve Watson
April 17, 2013

A letter believed to have been laced with the deadly substance ricin was intercepted in a Maryland post office yesterday before it could reach it’s intended destination – the desk of a Senator who has been fiercely critical of gun control legislation, yet voted to block a filibuster on the issue.

In a statement late Tuesday, the U.S. Capitol Police said that further tests on the package, which had a Memphis, Tennessee, postmark, are being conducted at the Army’s biomedical research laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Though false positives of ricin in letters to elected reps. have been recorded in the recent past, the analysis conducted so far seems to conclusively show that the deadly toxin was present in the letter.

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