Mission Accomplished, Obama: Americans Now Willing To Submit To Cavity Searches

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Department of Homeland Security/TSA, US President, World News
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Donna Anderson
April 17, 2013

In just a little over four years President Barack Obama has managed to achieve one of his ultimate goals – Americans are now willing to bend over and grab their ankles in exchange for the promise of freedom and safety. After the Boston Marathon bombing there’ll be no more objections when Big Sis steps up with her rubber gloves and says, “Spread ‘em, Danno!”

Addressing the nation immediately following the explosions at the Boston Marathon, Obama called the bombings an “act of terrorism” but stated that investigators did not know if these acts were performed by an international organization, a domestic group or a “malevolent individual.”

In his statement, Obama went on to say that “The American people refuse to be terrorized,” but he should have added, “by anyone other than their own government.”

Calling the incident an “act of terrorism” is only partially correct. The bombing did incite terror, but Obama intentionally uses language to suggest that the attack came from an international terrorist organization. In this country, after 9/11, all Americans automatically assume the word “terrorism” means an international threat.

However, at this point, we don’t know who set the bombs. It may have been some angry or crazed American for all we know and Obama certainly didn’t refer to the Sandy Hook shooting as “an act of terrorism.”

Cities across the nation are beefing up security around government buildings, transit hubs, national landmarks and sporting events. We’ll see bomb-sniffing dogs and TSA agents everywhere we turn. And as a result of Obama’s intentional usage of the word “terrorism” Americans are now willing to do anything if it means they’ll be safe and protected in their own country.

Check your Facebook wall or Twitter stream and you’ll see dozens of posts asking where was the security at the Boston Marathon. Why were people allowed in with backpacks? Why weren’t those backpacks inspected? Where were the bomb-sniffing dogs and TSA agents? People across America are now begging to be searched everywhere they go.

And, in a quote at the National Post website, Daniel Wood, a video producer from New York City who was waiting for a train in Boston said, “They can give me a cavity search right now and I’d be perfectly happy.”

And there you have it. Wake up, America. After just four years Obama finally has the American people exactly where he wants them – willing to bend over and grab their ankles. What’s next?



–>This article was posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 11:57 am


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