Police Threaten Reporters in Boston Suburb

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Police State, World News

April 19, 2013

As a coordinated police state envelopes Boston and its suburbs, the Associated Press reports that police are threatening reporters.

“If you want to live, turn off your cell phone,” a police officer told journalists in Watertown, Massachusetts.

It is not clear if the police believe cell phones will detonate explosives and endanger residents or if they now consider reporters with cell phones as terrorists.

Regardless, the order is likely to put a damper on coverage of the events in Boston.


This article was posted: Friday, April 19, 2013 at 9:27 am



  1. Stefan v says:

    One excuse for Sturmtrupp Phonehater’s order to the propaganda operator was that cellphone use might detonate one of them nasssty Boston bombs.

    As we know, people taking photos with cellphone cameras often cause other nearby cellphones to ring, or think they got an SMS. It really is annoying, doncha think?

    Ok, without sarcasm now: No, using a cellphone won’t interfere with other cellphones, unless you call the number of the phone to be interfered with. Further, it won’t mess with the cheapo DIY grenades those Chechen FBI patsies made. Obviously, if you’re making a Boston Bomb, don’t give out the number of your sacrificial phone, and also hope your dear phone provider doesn’t spam you while you’re tinkering. Might ruin your day. Lastly……don’t believe everything your overlords tell you, they’re only protecting and serving the sh*t out of you.

    Disclaimer: Mr O’Brien, I am not a bomb tech, I just figured out the cellphone lie all by myself. We’re not all stoopid. Granted, that is probably still grounds for you to invite me to Room 101.Two + two is four, and always will be. Up yours.

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