Obama’s road trip to Texas: make Ted Cruz-Republicans the face of Washington opposition

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Economy, Politics, US President
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When things look dark and the Deltas face tough times in the movie “Animal House,” fraternity leader Otter knows exactly what to do: “Road trip!” So it is that President Obama, facing gridlock and partisan infighting in Washington, travels to Texas on Thursday on a road trip dubbed “The Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tour.”

Texas might seem an odd place for Obama to talk jobs and the economy, given Gov. Rick Perry’s habit of claiming that he and Republicans are responsible for the state’s economic success.

                But as I wrote today, Perry is less a target than an afterthought. And the GOP prescription for boosting the economy – low taxes, less regulation, getting government out of the way — isn’t what the president is coming to talk about. The real target is a Republican Congress that has opposed Obama on everything from background checks and immigration to taxes, education, spending and the budget. Nobody’s a more visible face of the opposition than Sen. Ted Cruz, tea party star and potential presidential candidate.

By coming to Texas, the president wants to frame the two poles of our broken policy debate this way: Obama’s White House (compromise) vs. Cruz-type Republicans (obstruction).

On Thursday, Obama visits a high-tech high school and a Silicon Prairie chip-machine maker located in Manor, just east of Austin. The trip is the first in a series of day trips aimed at rallying support outside Washington against a Congress the president says “won’t behave.” Obama’s message: the economy’s getting better and there’s a role for government in education, innovation and job creation.

As for Perry, he’s old news. Public Policy Polling announced this week it’s dropping the GOP governor, who barely registers following his bungled White House bid last year, and replacing him with Cruz in future surveys of potential presidential candidates.

Political veteran Bob Van der Plaats, a Christian conservative leader in the politically important state of Iowa, puts it this way: “What Obama wants to do is come into Texas and say, look at how great everything is and to take credit for something that really isn’t his. And without saying it, he’s saying you’ve got this Sen. Ted Cruz who wants to be the fly in the ointment. Tell him to fall in line.”

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