Colorado concealed-carry permits see dramatic increase in 2013

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Guns, local news
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Ryan Parker
The Denver Post
July 29, 2013

More people in Colorado than ever before are attempting to legally carry a concealed gun, and by no small margin.

It’s 87 percent more.

And while 2012 saw a sizable increase from 2011 of permit seekers, that figure pales in comparison to this year.

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My Take:

This is a very positive sign, this shows that true patriots are not going to cower and just accept unjust laws being passed, and this will show that through our dollers (the collapsing fiat currency) we will fight back by saying “ok, you want to try and take our guns, we will now start carrying them where we go! Come and take them now!” there have been tons of studys on if gun control works, and each has shown that the only outcomes generally are either no change whatsoever or usually the harder you make it for law abiding citizens to get firearms the crime explodes. but please dont tust me look into it yourself! P.S. Guns dont kill people, people kill people!




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