State to toughen rules for vaccination exemptions for children

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Eugenics, Health, local news
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DENVER — Soon it may not be as easy to get vaccination exemptions for your child.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released a new report with recommendations on improving immunization rates among children Tuesday.

Educators, health officials and parent groups met for six months to come up with the recommendations.

The rate of parents claiming “personal belief exemptions” to get out of school and daycare immunizations requirements triggered the report.

It’s an issue with two clearly distinct sides.

11-month-old Emma Radatti is vaccinated against diseases like whooping cough and measles.

Her mom, a nurse, never questioned the medicines’ safety.

“Being in the hospital setting really makes me absolutely, 100 percent to want to vaccinate my children,” says Tara Radatti.

But 5-month-old Laila Ring is not vaccinated.

Her mom did question the safety.

“We are still on the fence about what to do long-term. We’ll make decisions based on research we read, based on what’s best for our baby,” Kristina Ring, a chiropractor says.

They are two moms, with two different views on vaccinations.

But one view motivated the state’s public health department to request this report—Colorado’s Personal Belief Exemption Policy for Immunizations: Stakeholder Engagement Process–which recommends how to improve the state’s immunization rates among children.

“About two years ago, Colorado was identified as having the second-highest exemption rate in the country. And that was concerning to a number of individuals,” says Dr. Rachel Herlihy, Deputy Director for the Division of Disease Control for the state’s health department.

That meant 3,000 kindergarteners last year were not immunized.

Ninety-three percent for personal beliefs—not religious or medical.

The state says the exemptions can put other children at risk, like Leena Bristol.

She was just six weeks old—and too young to be vaccinated—when she nearly died from whooping cough.

“By not choosing to vaccinate your own child, you are also choosing to expose other parents’ children to a potentially deadly disease,” says her mom, Dr. Lisa Farkouh.

Today’s recommendations include:
– Requiring education or counseling before an exemption is granted
– Requiring parents renew the exemption every year instead of just a one-time signature
– Publishing school and care center immunization and exemption rates

The state understands it must strike a balance between individual rights and protecting public health.

It’ll study the recommendations over the next couple of months and then decide which ones to pursue.

Most require action by state legislators.

You can check out the full report here.

  1. 1776not1984 says:

    We need to stop this encrocachment into our civil liberties. stop listening to these fear mongerers that say all we are is walking desiese pieces of nothing that can only be healed with narrow minded allopathic drug pushing monsters. we need to understand health as a whole, and the reason our health as a society has been progressivly worsening is not because of “genetics” as they claim, rather its what we imbibe, its the GMO in our food its the Flouride in our water its the aspertame in our soda its the vaccines thet only serve to hamper our immune systems rather than strengthen. Our bodies are wonderful works of art that are far smarter and strongr than they get credit for. ask yourself why is only in the last couple decades (ironically when the allopathic medicene began to be funded by the rockafellers and the globalists a.k.a. NAZIs) that cancer has gone up over 1000%, and the influenza started to rise also and any other ailment you can imagine skyrockted? but when you look at the countries that dont vaccinate or eat this GMO shit you have a hard time findin the ailments that we see around every freaking corner and malls nowadays. why do you think that is? Treat your body right take your vitamin and minerals (there are 90 that your body needs everyday) and stop drinking soda everyday along with the flouride in your water and you will be surprised how amazing you will feel. treat your body with respect and it will do the same in return!

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