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Posted on August 07, 2013

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The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) condemns the attempt by 46 of our United States Anti-American Redcoats to turn over to the United Nations the enforcement of a global gun ban. Yes, 46 “Senators,” who have sworn an oath to protect and defend American liberty, all voted to turn the Second Amendment over to the United Nations. Which means an open invitation to the U.N. to send troops into America to enforce the ban!

The CSPOA, along with Gun Owners of America and Oath Keepers, have warned all Americans that “Redcoats” or traitors within our own government, have been fomenting this plot for a number of years with Hillary Clinton leading the way. The scandal known as Fast and Furious was orchestrated to promote this anti-gun agenda. Now we have 46 U.S. Senators on record as supporting this devious plan to disarm America. Many of these “Redcoats” have stated recently that they are not trying to disarm America and that citizens may still acquire guns for self defense. With the Obama/Biden
gun ban proposal and the Small Arms Treaty with the U.N., there would be very little left for Americans to be armed with.

The lies have been exposed and the truth now be known, the attempts to disarm us are real and the agenda to put us under the control of the United Nations has been made extremely clear.

Those who have made the Anti-American Redcoat list are:

Barack Hussein Obama,
Joe Biden,
Hillary Clinton,
Baldwin (D-WI),
Baucus (D-MT),
Bennet (D-CO),
Blumenthal (D-CT),
Boxer (D-CA),
Brown (D-OH),
Cantwell (D-WA),
Cardin (D-MD),
Carper (D-DE),
Casey (D-PA),
Coons (D-DE),
Cowan (D-MA),
Durbin (D-IL),
Feinstein (D-CA),
Franken (D-MN),
Gillibrand (D-NY),
Harkin (D-IA),
Hirono (D-HI),
Johnson (D-SD),
Kaine (D-VA),
King (I-ME),
Klobuchar (D-MN),
Landrieu (D-LA),
Leahy (D-VT),
Levin (D-MI),
McCaskill (D-MO),
Menendez (D-NJ),
Merkley (D-OR),
Mikulski (D-MD),
Murphy (D-CT),
Murray (D-WA),
Nelson (D-FL),
Reed (D-RI),
Reid (D-NV),
Rockefeller (D-WV),
Sanders (I-VT),
Schatz (D-HI),
Schumer (D-NY),
Shaheen (D-NH),
Stabenow (D-MI),
Udall (D-CO),
Udall (D-NM),
Warner (D-VA),
Warren (D-MA),
Whitehouse (D-RI),
Wyden (D-OR)

The CSPOA calls on all Law Enforcement personnel and organizations to stand against this movement and to let these
“Redcoat Senators” know that you condemn such Anti-American lawlessness. We cannot truly protect our citizens
“from all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” and allow such treason to go unchecked.

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET)
CSPOA President


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