Udall wants CIA study declassified

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Constitution, tech, US President

By peter roper The pueblo chieftain

Published: December 18, 2013; Last modified: December 19, 2013 09:10AM

Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., won’t support the White House’s nominee to be the top lawyer at the Central Intelligence Agency until the Obama administration agrees to declassify a 6,300-page study of the agency’s secret “enhanced” interrogation and detention program in the 12-year-old war on terror.

Mark Udall

Mark Udall



 During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday, Udall argued the committee report was delivered to the CIA a year ago. He described it as a painful but detailed review of “the CIA’s misguided detention and interrogation program.”

Specifically, Udall was objecting to recent news articles — based on anonymous sources in the agency — that the Senate committee’s report was inaccurate and wrong.

“I am more confident than ever in the factual accuracy of the committee’s report,” Udall told Diane Krass, whom President Barack Obama has nominated to be general counsel at the spy agency. “The only way to correct this conflict is with the sunlight of declassification.”

Udall has been a frequent critic of some U.S. intelligence practices, from the National Security Agency’s broad electronic eavesdropping, to the secret interrogation and detention methods used by the CIA in the war on terror.

He used Krass’ appearance before the committee to note that CIA officials have declined to meet with the committee about the Senate investigation. Instead, they’ve leaked information challenging the Senate report to reporters, according to Udall.

“The continual leaks of inaccurate information from unnamed intelligence officials are embarrassing to the agency and have only hardened my resolve to declassify the full committee study,” Udall said last June when unnamed agency sources questioned the Senate committee’s report and its conclusions.

“I’d like to see a public statement from the White House declassifying the (Senate) study,” Udall told Krass.

The senator also revealed that the CIA has done its own review of the interrogation and detention programs and it closely resembles the Senate committee’s analysis — despite the objections leaked to news reporters last summer.

“I’ve asked that the CIA review be provided to this committee as well,” Udall told Krass


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