House Bill 1288: New Requirements for Immunization Exemptions

Posted: March 6, 2014 in education, Health, local news, Politics
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Rep. Pabon, Rep. Court, Rep. Gardner, Rep. Gerou, Rep. Ginal, Rep. Labuda, Rep. McCann, Rep. McNulty, Rep. Peniston, Rep. Schafer, Sen. Aguilar, Sen. Guzman, Sen. Todd, Sen. Ulibarri


House Bill 1288 would make it more difficult for families to claim a personal exemption from immunizations. The bill requires that families “certify” that they are informed about immunizations before being able to claim an exemption.

HSLDA’s Position:


Action Requested:

Contact the House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee give them the following messages in your own words:

“I am calling to oppose House Bill 1288, which would require parents to receive a certification of knowledge before obtaining a personal belief exemption to immunization. Parents with personal objections to immunizations should not be interfered with in order to exercise their freedom to make appropriate medical decisions for their children. Parents can decide what is best for their families without burdensome government requirements or intervention like this. Please vote against HB 1288.”

You can contact the members of the committee using the following contact information:

Representative McCann, Chair House Health Committee

Representative Schafer, Vice Chair House Health

Representative Pabon

Representative Court

Representative Gardner

Representative Gerou

Representative Ginal

Representative Labuda

Representative McNulty

Representative Peniston

2/20/2014 (House) Introduced and Assigned to Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee
3/5/2014 (House) Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee Hearing Scheduled for 3/13/14

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