FULL OF IT: What Headline Lacks in Context, Makes Up for in Theatrics

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Health, Politics, US President
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The Denver Post’s top headline today reminds us more than a little of George W. Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner.  In huge letters across the top of the physical newspaper that scream “we don’t know what context is” “UNINSURED RATE DROPS”, The Post goes full hyperbole on a rather limp article on Obamacare from The Associated Press.

What’s the huge news?  The uninsured rate dropped to 15.9%, the lowest it has been under this President.  Too bad the AP didn’t look back to, say, 2008 when the rate was a significantly lower 13.9%.  As we can see from U.S. Census Bureau, the uninsured rate under W never got higher than 15.8%, and, for the most, part hung around 14%, going as low as 13.7% in 2000.


This all continues to highlight the main difference between the two parties.  One party has never met a non-problem it couldn’t fix, the other has an opposition party that has never met a non-problem it couldn’t fix.

The Leftists shriek the false dichotomy, “its better now, than it was before.”  But a trillion dollars later with a uninsured rate still worse than anything under Bush shows them to be the faux-intellectuals.   And, until we see a health insurance bill as simple and straight-forward as our car insurance bill, let’s not even pretend the healthcare industry has been anywhere near a free market principal since Eisenhower married health insurance to jobs as a way to avert socializing health care here in the 50’s.

Much like minimum wage, progressives answer is to legislate a solution.  Meanwhile, places like North Dakota and its $18 per hour starting wage at Walmart, show a booming economy and a free market are solutions that actually help Americans.  Too bad Democrats will never achieve their lofty goals in pursuit of their nanny-state.


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