Woman says she found metal inside her prescription pill

Posted: March 19, 2014 in big pharma, local news

Posted on: 9:37 pm, March 18, 2014, by 

see news report here.

DENVER — A Colorado woman says she found a piece of metal in one of her prescription pills. Now she’s worried something that’s supposed to help her, could make her sick.

Through a magnifying glass you can see the tiny piece of metal protruding from the white medication. Check it out in the video clip above.

Michelle Baker says she bought the medication to treat anxiety.  She started taking the generic form of the popular anti-anxiety drug Buspar two weeks ago, but didn’t notice any problems until last week.

“I’m on my second week and as I was splitting the pill in half it poked me and stuck to my finger. When I looked closely with a magnifying glass there was a metal shard stuck in the pill,” said Baker.

Baker’s doctor prescribed the pills which she picked up from a local drug store.  She says now she’s worried some of the pills she’s already swallowed may have had metal inside.

“This is something that was supposed to help me. Something that my doctor prescribed for me, and now I’ve been swallowing metal for like two weeks,” she said.

Baker says the pills’ manufacturer is the generic drug company Teva, which Fox31 Denver verified.

In a statement they said: “(The company) cannot comment until after it has completed its investigation into this consumer complaint.”

As for Baker, she’s now looking for another option to treat anxiety.


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