Four Tens and Nine Ones = 149?

Posted: March 27, 2014 in education, Politics
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Robert Manley



My nephew who is 6 years old and in first grade was doing some math homework today and we came across something that had me baffled. In an apparent attempt to learn about place values with numbers he had to come up with a three digit number from the information given. The worksheet from The Mailbox which is a part of the Common Core Curriculum follows…



Now you tell me, what is the lesson that is trying to be taught here? And secondly, how is this applicable to the real world?  After some deliberation with my parents I was able to figure out what the answers were supposed to be, but still not understanding the process this worksheet goes through. When someone postulates “Four Tens and Nine Ones” and wants the number it represents I will 10 out of 10 times say 49!

Common Core however, proves once again that it’s not about stimulating the mind and showing one how to think for one’s self.  I have posted many articles showing Common Core Curriculum and I have come to an undeniable fact, The Federal Government does not want an educated populace. Why do I say “The Government” when this is coming from his school? Well it should be obvious, he currently attends a public school and the curriculum they “offer” is dictated by our federal government because of federal funding. Once they started accepting federal funding they were told in order to keep getting this “free money” you need to adhere to certain guidelines. Don’t believe me? Look here.

Now I could go on for hours about why Common Core is a worse joke than, “look up, gullible is written on the roof” but I think the proof is in the pudding. Look around talk to your average american that went through Common Core “Education” they are walking idiots. If you want some ideas look herehere, here, here, here, here, here, and this is a site that shows where America is ranked globally in education.

This is the reason i am pushing to get my nephew out of public education, and I will begin to homeschool him. there is no need to subject him to learning this way…


This is Common Core. Enough Said!



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