Viral photo is not a tank

Posted: April 12, 2014 in local news, Police State
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Misty Montano, KUSA4:58 p.m. MDT April 10, 2014



KUSA – To some, including morning radio talk show host Willie B, it looks like a tank. The truth is, it’s an armored personnel carrier.

Willie B posted a photo of the vehicle on his Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon saying, “Uhhhhhh Damn.. they gotta Tank!! I’m absolutely sure this is to protect us and serve us…. right?”

The photo quickly went viral on Facebook and Reddit. The original post has received more than 1,800 shares and over 1,000 comments. Many in the comments explained that it’s not a tank, but that didn’t stop the questions about what it is and why does a local sheriff’s department have it.

Thursday morning, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department left a reply on Willie B’s post to address some of the questions.

“The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has been in possession of the 1976 M113A1 armored personnel carrier (APC) since 2005, when it was provided by the Department of Defense. The Sheriff’s Office does not own the APC, it still belongs to the Department of Defense. The APC is assigned to the Bomb Squad, and can be used to retrieve explosive devices.

The APC is also used for active shooter situations. The APC does not have offensive capabilities; it is strictly a defensive piece of equipment to transport and protect deputies from active shooter incidents. The last time the APC was deployed was in 2009, for just such an incident.

The Sheriff’s Office often brings it out for public events such as the Jefferson County Fair and the Summerset Festival in south Jeffco.”


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