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By Kurtis Lee
The Denver Post

POSTED:   04/09/2014 05:52:05 PM MDT



A proposal to require parents to take an online course that showcases the benefits and risks of vaccinating their children received several hours of testimony in a Senate committee Wednesday evening from those on both sides of the issue.


The day ended without a vote, which will come next week.


Current Colorado law requires only a parent’s signature to claim a personal, medical or religious exemption from vaccination, with the majority of exemptions for personal reasons.


House Bill 1288 focuses on the personal-belief portion of the law. It would require parents to complete an online-education course that discloses the benefits and risks of immunization if they choose to opt out for personal reasons.



The measure passed through the House last month on a bipartisan 42-19 vote.


Parents who believe more children need to be vaccinated and others who believe this will lead to mandatory vaccination requirements packed into the Capitol’s Old Supreme Court Chambers ahead of Wednesday’s hearing.


“This moves us toward vaccinations for everyone and eliminating exemptions altogether,” said Robyn Charron, a Denver resident with two young children. Charron said her 4-year-old son received a vaccine injury that affected his brain. As a result, her 2-year-old daughter is not vaccinated.


Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, the bill’s Senate sponsor, said the measure “balances rights by simply adopting a requirement that parents receive credible information before exempting their children from immunization requirements.”


“We are seeing Colorado children diagnosed and hospitalized with vaccine-preventable diseases,” Aguilar said.


In Colorado, a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 85 percent of kindergartners entering elementary school in the fall of 2012 were vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR. That was among the lowest percentages. Mississippi and Maryland had rates near 100 percent.


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9:47 PM 04/07/2014

Americans have recently been hit with some of the largest premium increases in years, according to a Morgan Stanley survey of insurance brokers.

The investment bank’s April survey of 148 brokers found that this quarter, the average premium increase for customers renewing an insurance plan is 12 percent in the small group market and 11 percent in the individual market, according to Forbes’ Scott Gottlieb.

The hikes — the largest in the past three years, according to Morgan Stanley’s quarterly reports — are “largely due to changes under the [Affordable Care Act],” analysts concluded. Rates have been growing increasingly fast throughout all of 2013, after a period of drops in 2012.

While insurers were hiking premiums since 2012 by smaller amounts, the lead-up to the Obamacare’s launch has seen the average rate at which premiums are growing fourfold.

The small group market saw a jump from a growth rate of close to 3 percent during Morgan Stanley’s September 2013 survey to just above 6 percent three months later in December — the month before a surge of Obamacare regulations hit insurance companies.

Over the next three months, the rate doubled again to the current average small growth premium growth rate of 12 percent.

Individual policies saw a much starker jump after the Obamacare exchanges launched, in anticipation of the health care law going live in 2014. Morgan Stanley’s September 2013 survey, like the previous three quarters, found a fairly constant growth rate around 2 percent — but in December, the rate had shot up to above 9 percent.

Morgan Stanley’s results echo what consumers are already seeing: the Affordable Care Act’s intensive regulation of the insurance market is driving health care premiums up strikingly.

The survey found that premium increases are due to several specific Obamacare policies. The most talked about may be the new benefits all insurance plans are required to offer and excise taxes targeted at insurers themselves, Forbes reports.

But there are two other big contributors to the rise in costs. Age restrictions on premiums prevent the insurer from charging older customers who cost more to cover a higher premium — hiking the costs for young and healthy people disproportionately. Commercial underwriting restrictions also bump up insurers’ costs and are reflected in premiums.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Infectious diseases that the system insists have been mostly eradicated due to the advent of vaccines are starting to reemerge, with much of the blame for this being levied on the unvaccinated, who are automatically assumed to be the culprits. But a deeper look into the history of vaccines, how they work and what level of long-term protection they truly provide reveals that these golden calves of modern medicine are actually the vehicles through which infectious disease is being spread, with vaccinated individuals as the primary disease carriers.

It is the opposite of what we have all been told for decades about the nature of vaccines — that they produce immunity to diseases that might otherwise kill you, is one common claim, as is the assumption that refusing vaccines leaves one prone to both catching and spreading otherwise uncommon infectious diseases. These and other modern medical myths about vaccines pervade mainstream thinking, and yet they have absolutely no basis in sound science.

In an extensive rebuttal to a 2012 article written by Forbes‘ Steven Salzberg that blamed a whooping cough outbreak in the Northwest on unvaccinated children, Dr. Paul G. King, Ph.D., of FAME Systems deconstructs the popular misconception that infectious disease reemergence is the result of people not getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it is the vaccination schedule itself, which the federal government has been coercing people into complying with for nearly the entire last century, that is ultimately leading to and driving these outbreaks.

“Salsberg is simply using a longstanding ‘straw man’ created long ago by his fellow vaccine apologists to divert the public’s attention from the reality that… the current pertussis vaccines are neither effective in providing those inoculated with them long-term protection from contracting whooping cough nor… cost effective,” explains Dr. King in his paper.

Vaccines as destroyers of natural immunity

One thing that few people, including many health professionals, fail to understand is that vaccines override the body’s innate, or mucosal, immune system. Also known as non-specific immunity, innate immunity is our bodies’ primary line of defense against all types of bacteria, toxins and other harmful invaders — the gatekeeper, if you will, that protects the body’s adaptive immune system from having to face these intruders directly.

Under ideal conditions, the innate immune system kicks into high gear at the first sign of a threat, blocking pathogens from getting past the nose, mouth, digestive tract or other bodily entry point. If for some reason the innate immune system fails at this task, the adaptive immune system picks up where it left off, adapting, as its name implies, to tackle the specific threat.

But this natural immune response is thwarted by vaccines, which intentionally bypass the innate immune system and go straight for the adaptive immune system. The resultant immune response is both unnatural and completely out of order, generating only temporary and often incomplete immunity as opposed to the lifelong immunity garnered from natural exposure.

“Whereas natural recovery from many infectious diseases usually stimulates lifetime immunity, vaccines only provide temporary protection and most vaccines require ‘booster’ doses to extend vaccine-induced artificial immunity,” says Barbara Loe Fisher, president and co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center.

The same is true for vaccines against pertussis, or whooping cough, which Dr. King, through his extensive research, found only provide a few years of limited protection as opposed to a lifetime of full protection in unvaccinated individuals who contract the disease naturally. The former have to continually get booster shots to maintain their immunity, while the latter are essentially immune for life after contracting the disease once.

“[A]t best, the current views are that the ‘protection’ provided by ‘pertussis’ vaccination lasts no more than 3 years in some percentage of those who are ‘fully’ vaccinated and initially protected,” wrote Dr. King. “In the pre-vaccination era, having a case of whooping cough and recovering from it conservatively provided 10 to 50 years of protection from a re-infection that resulted in a clinical case of whooping cough caused by either B. pertussis or B. parapertussis.”

In other words, unvaccinated individuals who contract mild whooping cough at a young age end up developing lifelong immunity to the disease without the need for a vaccine, and they also never become carriers of the disease. Vaccinated individuals, on the other hand, will never develop lifelong immunity, and will continually have to receive “booster” shots as protection, which the data shows is not always reliable or foolproof and can even lead to vaccine-induced health problems.

“Unlike the natural disease which appears to confer lifelong immunity, present day pertussis vaccines confer only partial and relative transient protection,” wrote Drs. James W. Bass and Stephen R. Stephenson in a 1987 study entitled The return of pertussis. “A high degree of protection persists for 3 years, decreasing thereafter for 12 years after which little or no protection is evident.”

Vaccines as carriers of disease

If subpar, temporary immunity was the only downside of getting vaccinated, it would be one thing. But the fact of the matter is that vaccinated individuals often end up becoming carriers of the diseases against which they were vaccinated, which is evident from decades of scientific data showing that the current vaccination schedule is directly responsible for bringing back all of these diseases that the media insists were eradicated by vaccines.

“[T]he current DTaP/Tdap vaccination program in the USA is increasing the percentages of cases of whooping cough that are either caused by B. parapertussis or, as some are beginning to claim, caused by mutated strains of B. pertussis that evade the protective effects of multiple time-displaced inoculations with the current DTaP/Tdap vaccines,” explains Dr. King. “[V]accination with a ‘pertussis component’-containing vaccine produces some low level of ‘B. pertussis’ carriers [‘Pertussis Harrys’] who… can and do spread B. pertussis to others.”

The recent whooping cough outbreaks in California, Washington, New York and elsewhere also serve as proof of this, as the vast majority of infected individuals in each of these cases had already been “fully” vaccinated for the disease. Not surprisingly, health authorities have been quiet about this inconvenient truth, leading the public to erroneously assume that the unvaccinated are responsible.

“[T]he reality is that more than 75% of the cases of whooping cough in outbreaks in Washington State since 2002 reportedly have been occurring in ‘fully’ vaccinated individuals, and this reality continues to be true in the 2012 ‘epidemic,'” adds Dr. King. “Further, the percentage in the current outbreaks that have a confirmed case of B. pertussis has notbeen disclosed — nor is the percentage reported that have a confirmed case of B. parapertussis or another organism that can cause whooping cough.”

For those already infected, Dr. King suggests supplementing with high doses of vitamin C, which he says eliminates the “whoop” and reduces the duration of the disease, as well as taking high doses of natural vitamin D3, which enables the body’s immune system to produce site-specific antibiotics to target whooping cough organisms in the respiratory system while protecting gastrointestinal flora, which would otherwise be destroyed by synthetic antibiotics.

Be sure to check out Dr. King’s full study on vaccines here:

Sources for this article include:

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Monday, April 07, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) The medical mafia is alive and well in America today, where pro-vaccine thought police routinely engage in malicious campaigns to smear anyone who dares ask the question “Are vaccines linked to autism?”

When Chili’s recently announced they would make a one-day gesture to provide financial assistance to families devastated by autism, even that was too much for the medical mafia. Their operatives fanned out across the mainstream media to disparage Chili’s for even daring to help autistic children. The danger of people becoming merely “aware” of autism is so great, it seems, that even a goodwill effort to help support mothers of autistic children must be stifled and shut down as quickly as possible.

Since when did it become wrong to help children?

Also being targeted in all this is the National Autism Association, a group that does extraordinary work helping mothers and families understand the causes of autism and possible treatments to help alleviate symptoms of autism. Much like Natural News, the NAA is routinely defamed by the mainstream media through the deliberate engineering and publication of false, defamatory lies and misinformation intentionally spread by the medical mafia to try to shut down anyone who questions vaccine safety.

Factually speaking, vaccines are so dangerous and deadly that the vaccine industry had to achieve total legal immunity for their products through an act of Congress! Thanks to that act, families of children damaged by vaccines cannot pursue justice in the courts. They must submit to a special “vaccine court” where financial settlements are only offered if those families agree to remain forever silent about how their children were harmed by vaccines. These “payoffs for silence” are part of the formula for keeping the lid shut tight on the truth about vaccines.

Those same courts, by the way, have repeatedly been forced to admit that vaccines DO cause autism! Just last year, in fact, the vaccine courts awarded millions of dollars to the families of two children made autistic by vaccine injections.

CDC admits vaccines contain mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde

Vaccine, of course, still contain toxic neurotoxins such as mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde — all openly admitted by the Centers for Disease Control. These toxic substances are injected into children, going directly into their tissue and blood where they are circulated to their brains. Once in the brain, these neurotic substances can and do causepermanent brain damage. They can also cause damage to the digestive tract, as is common in autistic children.

What’s really happening today with children being harmed by vaccines is nothing less than a medical holocaust being carried out in total secrecy with strong-arm enforcement accomplished by a gang of corporate-sponsored “science” goons collaborating with pro-business mainstream media to smear, attack and denigrate all who oppose toxic chemicals in vaccines. You are witnessing chemical warfare being waged against our children — and yet you’re not supposed to even ask questions about why it’s happening!

Even the call to take the mercury out of vaccines is viciously attacked by the medical mafia. Mercury, you see, is a “desirable ingredient” by vaccine-pushing zealots, many of whom quite literally demonstrate the kind of psychotic behavior caused by exposure to mercury. In other words, the medical mafia is largely made up of people who are damaged by the very same brain-damaging toxins they’re trying to push onto others. Mercury makes people not just crazy, but also violent and psychotic — and that’s the perfect description of the medial mafia trolls you see on social media or writing crazed, inflammatory opinion pieces in mainstream business magazines.

Help support Chili’s defense against the medical mafia thought police

Chili’s is just the latest victim of the media mafia’s thought police and their vicious attempts to shut down awareness of autism itself. What could possibly be wrong with merely supporting mothers of autistic children; women who struggle daily with trying to raise children damaged in ways that even modern scientists don’t understand?

In canceling the autism awareness event, Chili’s posted this message on their Facebook page:

Chili’s is committed to giving back to the communities in which our guests live and work through local and national Give Back Events. While we remain committed to supporting the children and families affected by autism, we are canceling Monday’s Give Back Event based on the feedback we heard from our guests.

We believe autism awareness continues to be an important cause to our guests and team members, and we will find another way to support this worthy effort in the future with again our sole intention being to help families affected by autism. At Chili’s, we want to make every guest feel special and we thank all of our loyal guests for your thoughtful questions and comments.

Help defend Chili’s against the children-poisoning thought police! Click here to go straight to the Chili’s page and post something in support of autism awareness right now! Spread the word and help Chili’s realize they are being victimized by an organized online mafia of vaccine trolls and chemical child abusers!

Kudos to Chili’s, by the way, for even attempting to help families of autistic children. Too bad they caved so easily to the medical mafia’s typical intimidation tactics.

As you read the comments there, note carefully that vaccine zealots are NOT scientifically-minded people; they are religious zealots who worship the religion of vaccines. Their “belief” in vaccines is based purely on faith; all evidence be damned! Anyone who studies autism is immediately ostracized and discredited even if their research only hints at a link between autism and vaccines. Case in point: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a brilliant researcher and deeply caring physician who has been repeatedly lied about, defamed beyond belief, and denied his rightful place in the history of scientific discovery by a real-life medical mafia that conspired with corrupt medical journals beholden to pharmaceutical interests.

Anyone who does not conform to the myths and lies of this medical mafia is subjected to widespread character assassination, where endless lies are spread about them.

I’ve even been accused of being “anti-science” even though I run a scientific laboratory using atomic spectroscopy equipment to research food safety! In reality, I’m one of the most “scientific” activists in the country, yet because I express concern of the safety of mercury in vaccines, I too am immediately and viciously branded “anti-science.” Anyone who is anti-mercury, it turns out, is automatically labeled “anti-science.”

The medical mafia has become desperate: they are losing the war for truth in medicine

But that just goes to show you how desperate the vaccine pushers have truly become. When they have to resort to mafia-style tactics, blatant lies and orchestrated media defamation campaigns to silence their opposition, you know that they can’t win on the scientific facts alone! If someone truly has science on their side, they don’t need to resort to oppression, negative P.R. campaigns, organized trolling on social media, nasty backlash campaigns against Chili’s and other similar nonsense. The fact that the vaccine pushers have resorted to these tactics is practically an admission that they have failed and have nothing left to offer except intimidation.

They sure don’t want you to know about the vaccine science fraud routinely committed by Merck, according to two whistleblower virologists who used to work there. According to their False Claims Act complaint filed with the federal government, Merck fraudulent spiked blood samples with animal antibodies to fake the results and thereby achieve FDA approval on their mumps vaccines.

It turns out that measles and mumps vaccines actually spread measles and mumps, causing the very outbreaks that sell more vaccines.

Even modern-day measles outbreaks appear to be happening almost exclusively among children who were already vaccinated against measles. This “inconvenient truth” is never reported by the pro-vaccine mainstream media, which has long colluded with its own advertisers — the drug companies — to misinform the public about the supposed efficacy and safety of vaccines.

I haven’t had a flu shot in so many years I can’t even remember how long it’s been, and yet I never get the flu, either. How can that be if flu shots are the only solution to preventing the flu?

The vaccine industry is steeped in felony crimes, scientific fraud, mafia-style intimidation, character assassination, systemic corruption, chemical child abuse and a list of crimes too long to name

The vaccine industry is an industry of propaganda, lies, mafia tactics and outright criminality. Drug companies are routinely found guilty of felony crimes for which any other company would be barred from doing business with the government. But the political reach of Big Pharma is so great that they can commit felony fraud and still sell vaccines to the government with total legal immunity no less!

That’s how pathetic the vaccine industry really is today: They sell products that harm children, they use mafia-style tactics to silence opposition, they routinely commit scientific fraud in their own research, they destroy the careers of researchers who uncover any link of harm between vaccines and human health, and they have achieved total legal immunity in the United States so that even if their products kill a thousand children a year, they aren’t legally responsible for any of those deaths.

And this is an industry we’re supposed to trust to formulate chemicals that we inject into our children? No wonder moms don’t trust them! No wonder there’s such an outcry for scientific honesty when it comes to autism research. And no wonder moms and dads everywhere are fleeing from vaccines and seeking alternatives for boosting their child’s immunity. The vaccine industry is, factually and undeniably, a criminal operation that puts all our children at risk. If their products were really so safe, then why do they need blanket legal immunity from lawsuit damages?

Support Chili’s in this effort at:

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014 by: Julie Wilson

(NaturalNews) A biochemist located in the San Francisco Bay Area believes that she has drastically improved, if not cured, her daughter’s autism through eliminating monosodium glutamate, or MSG, from her diet.

Katherine Reid, Ph.D., says her daughter Brooke began exhibiting symptoms of autism at age two. Brooke’s communication capabilities were far below average, and she failed to develop normal human connections. She also suffered from tantrums and digestive complications including constipation.

Dr. Reid’s husband, a cellular biologist, became suspicious of his daughter’s symptoms and began researching, only to find that Brooke was showing nearly every characteristic of autism. After seeing their pediatrician, who also agreed that something was wrong, the family hired a psychologist to test Brooke’s learning abilities. The results were devastating in that they showed that she suffered immensely from severe learning disabilities, ultimately diagnosing her with moderate autism.

“She was in her own world,” Dr. Reid said. “Her actions were repetitive, like doing a puzzle over and over again for hours. And she exhibited signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She couldn’t stand going home in the stroller on a different route without having a screaming tantrum.”

Soon, most of Dr. Reid’s free time was dedicated to researching autism and the struggles that other families were experiencing. Through her research, she learned that many children suffering from the disorder had improved symptoms after altering their diets to exclude MSG, gluten and dairy products.

Natural versus man-made

While glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid, is produced by our bodies and found in many protein-rich foods, including, meat, vegetables, dairy, eggs, fish and poultry, MSG is derived from the synthetic processing of glutamate. In 1908, MSG was developed by a Japanese man for the purpose of enhancing flavor in food. He later went on to form Ajinomoto, the world’s leading MSG producer and, ironically, also a drug company.

Our bodies require glutamate for learning and developmental processes. The amino acids in glutamate are the building blocks of proteins, subsequently responsible for metabolism and brain function.

Alarmingly, today the rate of autism found in American children is 1 in 50, a number that’s increased 200-fold since the 1940s. Autism is typically described as a developmental disability that can be mild or severe and is caused by genes that impact the nervous system. Children suffering from this disorder fail to develop adequate social skills required to function normally in the world.

After Dr. Reid learned that naturally occurring glutamate was responsible for transmitting signals between neurons and other cells, she felt that an imbalanced diet filled with MSG could be worsening her daughter’s symptoms, and potentially even the cause of them.

Despite a lack of studies for various reasons, it seems plausible that consuming large amounts of a genetically altered version of the amino acid responsible for our speech and communication abilities could be tied to autism.

With MSG in nearly 95 percent of processed foods, and often unlabeled, Dr. Reid knew that it wouldn’t be easy eliminating it from Brooke’s diet; however, she was willing to try.

Despite skepticism from the medical community regarding the link between autism and MSG, Dr. Reid withdrew MSG from her daughter’s diet and began seeing improvements in just five weeks.

“I tried the experiment on her and myself, and she started to develop better speech and communication. She became more social, her repetitive behaviors never occurred again after we introduced the diet. She just became a little more physically coordinated,” Dr. Reid explained to Fox News. “I was also feeling much healthier myself. I had less sinus pressure headaches, less allergies. So I could see how this could have an effect on her brain.”

Moved by her daughter’s transformation, Dr. Reid created a non-profit organization called Unblind My Mind, dedicated to raising awareness regarding the link between foods we eat and growing health ailments. She is now an advocate for treating medical complications with diet first and is focused on educating others regarding the impacts of proper nutrition and eliminating toxins like MSG.

Sources include:

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Thursday, April 03, 2014 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The nation is in an uproar following a recent announcement by General Motors that the company is recalling 2.5 million vehicles for a major defect that has killed dozens and injured many more. USA Today and others are reporting that a coalition of parents is now calling on the government to punish GM for not recalling the vehicles sooner, while political activist Michael Moore has piped into the conversation with pleas for GM executives to be hunted down and executed.

The controversy stems from a faulty ignition switch that GM has been installing in many of its cars for nearly a decade. Accusations claim that GM executives knew about the defective switch as far back as 2002 but did nothing about it. As a result, there have been at least 31 car wrecks and 13 deaths associated with the switch’s malfunction in the years since, which recently triggered a company-wide recall of all the affected vehicles.

“Corporate executives made a decision that fighting the problem was cheaper and easier than fixing the problem,” says Laura Christian, the mother of a 13-year-old girl who was killed back in 2005 when her Chevy Cobalt, which contained the faulty switch, crashed into a tree. Reports indicate that the girl died after airbags in the vehicle failed to deploy.

Other problems associated with the faulty switch include sudden power steering failure, which is what killed 21-year-old Kelly Erin Ruddy back in 2010. USA Today explains that the young woman burned to death after getting into a wreck due to the switch’s failure, an issue that was reluctantly acknowledged by GM just three months after Kelly died.

“I kept thinking that my heart is so broken, but the one thing I will see to is that this will never happen to another family,” stated Kelly’s mother to reporters. She and others who have had family members become seriously injured or die from the defective switch are now calling on Congress to pass legislation improving transparency within the auto industry.

To make matters worse, the faulty part would have only cost about $2 to replace per vehicle, had GM executives taken it seriously from the start. But because of their apparent disinterest in their customers’ safety, not to mention their insatiable greed, the matter was ignored until finally erupting into a national controversy that could forever taint the once-beloved household name.

“Two dollars. That’s how little this ignition switch could have cost to repair,” commented Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.). “Two dollars that could have saved priceless lives. That was apparently $2 too much for General Motors. This recall is a decade late and dozens of lives and injuries short.”

Vaccines kill thousands annually; manufacturers exempt from legal system

Even more disheartening than this whole GM scandal, though, is the much bigger vaccine scandal — which still goes unaddressed. Though vaccines injure and kill far more people annually than defective Chevy Cobalts, there is no mainstream movement to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable for injuring and killing children.

In fact, the federal government has granted the vaccine industry total immunity from ever having to face the legal system for its crimes against humanity.

“On February 22, 2011 [sic] the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government when companies could have made a safer vaccine,” explains the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

“[D]rug companies selling vaccines in America will not be held accountable by a jury of our peers in a court of law if those vaccines brain damage us but could have been made less toxic,” it adds, noting that “if you get paralyzed by a flu shot or your child has a serious reaction to a vaccine required for school and becomes learning disabled, epileptic, autistic, asthmatic, diabetic or mentally retarded, you are on your own.”

Sources for this article include:

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Thursday, April 03, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) The U.S. government intentionally subjected children and adults to bizarre medical experiments that required them to inhale diesel pollutants known to contain cancer-causing chemicals. The experiments involved collecting diesel fumes from idling diesel trucks, then piping those fumes into enclosed chambers where U.S. test subjects were required to breathe them for hours at a time.

The EPA conducted these experiments on children and sick people(1), specifically choosing test subjects with metabolic syndrome and asthma, then securing them in bizarre “pollution containment rooms” to make sure they inhaled the cancer-causing particles. (See photo below.)

Even worse, the EPA has openly admitted, in a now-public document detailing these bizarre medical experiments on humans, that it conducted these human experiments for the last decade:

Over the last 10 years, the EPA has conducted 13 human exposure studies using CAPS and four studies using diesel exhaust. (2)

That same document describes the cancer-causing risks of diesel exhaust particles as follows:

Diesel exhaust particles contain some probable carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which in high enough concentrations and/or with repeated exposures may induce tumors. Diesel exhaust also contains aldehydes, some of which are possibly carcinogenic in high enough dose and with long enough exposure.

The document then goes on to justify this by saying a person would experience similar pollution levels by visiting Los Angeles.

Here’s a photo of one of the EPA’s “pollution experiment chambers” in which U.S. test subjects are required to sit and inhale cancer-causing chemicals:

Junk Science blows the whistle

The whistleblower credited with unearthing this horrifying case of government malfeasance is none other than Steven Milloy of, a website known for breaking news about the U.S. government’s junk environmental science.

As a whistleblower myself, I admire the work of Mr. Milloy, and I truly understand the kind of personal risk it takes to blow the whistle on unethical, criminal corruption and misconduct at the highest levels of government.

What’s even more amazing in all this — and here’s the real story behind the story — is that Steven Milloy went out of his way to try to garner the attention of deans of prominent medical schools, only to find out they all tried to sweep the scandal under the rug!

Read this astonishing post at to see what I’m talking about. In it, Milloy reveals how government employees, academic institutions and medical school authorities were all complicit in trying to bury this story:

We both wrote letters to the North Carolina Medical Board to stop the experiments and investigate the U of North Carolina faculty.

They exonerated the 3 physicians involved in Human testing in short order–probably a board record for speed.

We asked the Dean and Institutional Review Board to review, no response, no action taken.

I wrote to every Medical School Deans at the schools identified by the EPA officials as conducting Human Exposure experiments asking them to stop the experiments and investigate the lack of informed consent and the violation of ethics.

No response.

Early on we asked for a US EPA OIG investigation. The early response was a yawn.

I wrote to the physicians in Congress, and at the time 18 of the 19 physicians in congress were Republican. No answer.

I then wrote to the Congress physicians and added the declarations by the EPA officials, linked hereunder that implicated them in unethical experiments, again, no response.

In summarizing the astonishing complicity, he then writes:

So now the list of miscreants and those complicit is longer and longer:

• 10 US Medical Schools and the EPA.

• Medical Boards in North Carolina and Michigan

• Deans of the 10 Medical Schools and their institutional Review Boards

• Faculty of Medical Schools who are many times EPA employees, who do the research.

• The Editor of EHP (Environmental Health Perspectives) and peer reviewers who should have reported the misconduct.

• The US EPA Inspector General and his staff.

Massive government conspiracy to exploit humans as guinea pigs in potentially harmful experiments

What Milloy has uncovered in all this is, by definition, a massive conspiracy to defraud the public and commit serious ethical offenses against the American people. And it’s all being done by the EPA, the very agency that claims to be protecting people from pollution! (“We’re from the EPA. Here, suck on some diesel fumes!”)

What Milloy has really uncovered here is a massive, large-scale cover-up that even involves the state medical board of Michigan.

Read some of the names of the EPA and medical school people who have conspired to commit these heinous medical experiments on U.S. citizens:…

(By the way, as a personal note in all this, the vaccine industry commits far worse crimes against children in global vaccine medical experiments. Case in point: Pfizer’s criminal misconduct that killed children in Nigeria, or the massive felony bribery schemes pulled off by GlaxoSmithKline to pad the pockets of U.S. doctors who peddled their pills.)

Next photo: A diagram showing how the EPA’s pollution experiments worked:

No doubt some company with “special” ties to the White House probably has a $1,000-an-hour contract to idle their diesel trucks in the name of science, too.

Why I admire and support whistleblowers like Milloy

People like Steven Milloy are true American heroes, and all of us who are science-based whistleblowers are having an unprecedented impact at shaping public awareness about these issues.

Like it or not, we are all now living in the age of the whistleblower. Case in point: Edward Snowden. Of course, Snowden had the cooperation of much of the media. People like Steven Milloy (or even myself) rarely get the media to back us up; largely because we are often blowing the whistle on government corruption that places human lives at risk.

I especially like how Milloy points out the Nuremburg Code and how the EPA violates this incredibly important agreement put in place by the free world following the horrific era of Nazi medical experiments on Jewish prisoners:

The Nuremberg Code (which was adopted by California) prohibits harmful, certainly lethal, human experiments except exceptions and emphasizes the importance of freely given consent. [Yet] there are two California Medical Schools performing human experimentation exposing subjects to small particle air pollution — USC and UCLA.

In the posts on, Milloy even speaks of the kind of philosophy that drives his work (and also the work here at Natural News, by the way), saying:

Fortitude enables the other virtues; unfortunately government employees and politicians are too often bereft of fortitude… in an administrative tyrannical state that squashes liberty and independent thought and speech.

Stoics hold to principle.

The principle that Milloy is driving home here is one that all Natural News readers should take to heart: it is NEVER okay for a government to conduct human medical experiments that expose test subjects to cancer-causing pollutants.

Any government that does so is a dangerous regime that devalues human life. And just as we already saw in the history of the Nazi regime, the abandonment of value for life is merely the first step toward genocide. (Throughout world history, governments have repeatedly committed genocide in the name of religion or science.)


As a relevant point here, Natural News readers have long known me as an advocate of the natural health industry, but over the last six months they’ve seen me become increasingly critical of the scams and deceit found in certain sectors of the natural products industry.

Over just the last few days, for example, I’ve exposed a scammy flocculant liquid peddled as a high-aluminum dietary supplement, and I’ve published a huge warning on very high concentrations of lead found in USDA certified organic mangosteen powder, a popular superfood used by holistic health followers.

As much as I advocate nutrition, superfoods and the prevention of disease, I am also completely fed up with con artists, scammers, hucksters and criminals who seem to exist in every industry imaginable… including certain sectors of the natural health industry.

Like Milloy, I’m going to keep blowing the whistle on science fraud and medical scams, regardless of who gets named in the process. The continued use of mercury in dental amalgams, for example, is a massive fraud still being perpetrated on the U.S. public by the dental industry. And yes, the American Dental Association is complicit in that fraud. Until mercury is removed from dental fillings, vaccines and medical devices, I will continue to expose those who are pushing toxic mercury onto innocent patients and causing ongoing suffering and the loss of human lives.

The guiding principle behind this work is that I value human life and I will work diligently to protect it, even in the face of extreme pressure, criticism and even threats. I believe Steven Milloy is exactly that kind of person, too, and even if we don’t fully align on all issues, he is the kind of person that I truly admire for standing his ground and fighting for truth and transparency in an age of overwhelming deceit at every level of government, academia and Big Business.

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