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Mario Savio, a speech against the machine

Robert Welch, outing the NWO

Here’s Welch again explaining why we really went into Vietnam War

This is from a movie titled NETWORK, it may be a movie but the message rings true

another from Network


this is a great summery of  how and why the Gestapo.. oops i mean TSA outright lie to our faces.

“Banned” Ron Paul 2012 AD

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College Conspiracy

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I was always carious about the fact that why am i not being inspired or truly educated in our schools. first i thought it was just me, and being lazy. however when i was not at schools and i found books, movies or articles about history i would dive into them and be compleatly overtakin with wonder and amazement. thats a red light to me, that is saying either i just had the most boring teachers for 14 years or they just dont know how to “educate” us, all they know how to do is train us. This video helps shed light on why our college instiutions no longer want us to be educated, only trained to accept lies as truth.

“War Propaganda”

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Not too often does mainstream media shed light on important topics, however Judge Napolitano here gives a great breakdown of how our government isn’t who we elect. instead they are two-faced trolls in the pursuit of absolute power.

what i saw the other day in the Iowa Caucus was disgraceful. when the initial look at the whole state all the previous pools were showing Ron Paul starting to run away with the first state, then a day or two before the vote i heard some other FoxNews reporters saying not to fear that Ron could win because they had a plan that would prevent it. then just minutes later I saw on CNN an interview going on with an active duty Officer in our military get cut off, oops i mean they experienced “technical difficulties” just when he happen to start talking how Iran can defend themself. that’s just something that our media does not have a grasp on or is just willfully ignorant of. I feel Ron Paul’s foreign policy must not be as evil and dangerous as they make you think, just look at one very telling number, among all active duty military Ron Paul has received and continues to receive more donations than ALL other GOP candidates combined and yes even more than Lord Obama. also the fact that he is on the House Committee of Foreign Affairs, i’d say this guy knows a thing or two about what going on with our foreign entanglements.

to focus on what happened in Iowa for the votes red flags start jumping out at me right away. for instance how Iowa usually voted in these primaries was as simple as raising your hand, and that worked for years, this year “to help protect the vote” they wrote their vote down and put it in a ballot box. knee jerk reaction is well that sounds good right? not when you find out that no one was allowed to check the box in the beginning to be sure it was empty, then they did not count the votes in front of everyone, nope instead they went to a secret location to count the vote. then during some of the ballot drops power outages just happened to go on. as if the joke was not over when the votes were called in for the precincts there seemed to be a disconnect with the physical count and what was called in. to continue the laughless joke many of the trucks that were transporting the votes just happened to be hours behind what they should have been. even though Santourm did go to each of the 99 county’s to help his campaign he never got higher than 10% in the pre-votes, and during his rally the number of supporters hardly ever went over 100. now im supposed to believe in a state-wide count that he pulled 24% and just 8 votes shy of “Obama 2.0” Romney. they even admit that the vote didnt determine the winner, it was a “gentleman’s agreement” that gave Romney a 8 vote win.
What scares the Establishment Republicans about Ron Paul is that he doesn’t want to send your kid to an empire building war, he wants the fed abolished or at least have their power in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE not independent international bankers, he wants our dollar backed by something of value, he want to de-regulate business so we can have real economic growth. but obviously he doesn’t want endless wars.

We need to legalize freedom once more and restore our constitution. Ron Paul is the only one who is running for our White House that actually wants to do that, let alone have the very track record that shows he has been fighting for that for over 30 years.

Lets wake up America we still have a chance for real freedom and prosperity, lets not let our corrupt establishment usher in the world they want and what George Orwell envisioned in “1984”. or what scares me more is the Stanley Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange” world that we are also sprinting towards. i still believe in you guys though, i do think you want freedom, a smaller government, and our brothers and sisters to be in our homes not in the middle east dying for a cause we don’t support. 


RON PAUL 2012!