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Principal orders police to remove student for expressing himself

Adan Salazar
April 7, 2014

A student was arrested at an Indiana high school last week after he voiced a dissenting opinion concerning a school official.

see video here.

200 students staged a sit-in last Wednesday around noon at the Lake Central High School in St. John, Ind., protesting their school’s apparent lack of concern for one of their peers, who recently committed suicide.

The students were upset the school had not made an intercom announcement calling for a moment of silence in honor of their well-liked peer.

“One moment of silence for my son over the intercom, that is all we are asking for from the school,” the mother of the deceased pleaded to principal Robin Tobias, who in turn responded, “Thank you can you please sit down now? You’re not in charge here, I am.”

In footage shot discreetly by one of the student protesters, Principal Tobias is witnessed attempting to lecture students about how staging a sit-in is not the appropriate way to resolve their conflict.

“I am disappointed in every one of you,” Tobias began telling the students after he managed to get them to quiet down.

“We’re disappointed in you,” Hunter Ernst, 18, of Schererville, replied, to which students cheered and applauded in support.

At that point, as if in some future dystopian world, Principal Tobias signaled a school officer to take the boy away. “I’d like him removed please,” Tobias is heard telling the officer.

Ernst was arrested and taken to the Lake County Jail where he was released on bond the same day. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of a pocket knife on school property, the St. John police chief told the NWI Times.

“The students who participated in the sit-in were dismissed from the building, and their teachers were instructed to mark them as absent, Tobias said,” according to the Post Tribune.

“There is a right and wrong way to solve a problem. A sit-in/open protest is not the right way,” Tobias stated.

The principal elaborated in a letter he sent out Wednesday night.

“[..] There is no easy solution when 200 kids decide to create a sit-in within the middle of the school in order to demonstrate a point of view, while making demands. Options could range from yell (and yell louder), make threats, have police arrest them all, suspend them all … etc., all this while trying to reason with emotional teenagers who have defined a personal purpose, but who also need to get back to class.”

Principal Tobias later reasoned that the intercom was not used because of the nature of the death and because the student in question no longer attended Lake Central.

The day of the sit-in protest another student at the school committed suicide.

One of the primary functions public schools serve is to indoctrinate students to accept a culture in which dissent and free thought are neither encouraged, nor tolerated. For the most part they have managed to do this, however, when certain brave students take it upon their own initiative to stand up for what they believe to be right, it is imperative those students be made an example of, lest the contagious glimmer of hope be noted, received and emulated by other students.

“It has been said that America’s schools are the training ground for future generations,” John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, has written of the indoctrination taking place in public schools. “If so, and unless we can do something to rein in this runaway train, this next generation will be the most compliant, fearful and oppressed generation ever to come of age in America, and they will be marching in lockstep with the police state.”

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Robert Manley



My nephew who is 6 years old and in first grade was doing some math homework today and we came across something that had me baffled. In an apparent attempt to learn about place values with numbers he had to come up with a three digit number from the information given. The worksheet from The Mailbox which is a part of the Common Core Curriculum follows…



Now you tell me, what is the lesson that is trying to be taught here? And secondly, how is this applicable to the real world?  After some deliberation with my parents I was able to figure out what the answers were supposed to be, but still not understanding the process this worksheet goes through. When someone postulates “Four Tens and Nine Ones” and wants the number it represents I will 10 out of 10 times say 49!

Common Core however, proves once again that it’s not about stimulating the mind and showing one how to think for one’s self.  I have posted many articles showing Common Core Curriculum and I have come to an undeniable fact, The Federal Government does not want an educated populace. Why do I say “The Government” when this is coming from his school? Well it should be obvious, he currently attends a public school and the curriculum they “offer” is dictated by our federal government because of federal funding. Once they started accepting federal funding they were told in order to keep getting this “free money” you need to adhere to certain guidelines. Don’t believe me? Look here.

Now I could go on for hours about why Common Core is a worse joke than, “look up, gullible is written on the roof” but I think the proof is in the pudding. Look around talk to your average american that went through Common Core “Education” they are walking idiots. If you want some ideas look herehere, here, here, here, here, here, and this is a site that shows where America is ranked globally in education.

This is the reason i am pushing to get my nephew out of public education, and I will begin to homeschool him. there is no need to subject him to learning this way…


This is Common Core. Enough Said!


Robby Soave
The Daily Caller
March 26, 2014

A second grader’s answers to a Common Core-aligned math worksheet were marked as incorrect because they weren’t “friendly” enough… even though they were the right answers.


A screenshot of the worksheet was posted to Twitter. The teacher wrote that even though the questions — addition and subtraction problems — were solved correctly, the student used the wrong technique to arrive at the answers.

“Correct answers, but let’s find the ‘friendly’ numbers,” wrote the teacher.

The teacher wanted the student to solve “530 – 270 = ?” in the following manner: First, add 30 to both numbers, changing the problem to “560 – 300 = ?”. These numbers are the “friendly” numbers, because they are supposedly easier to work with.
The student, however, simply subtracted 270 from 530 the good old-fashioned way, arriving at the same answer. Unfortunately,

this is not a Common Core-approved technique.

Full story here.

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Bonnie Silkman , Weekend GMC Anchor / Reporter ,
POSTED: 01:33 PM MDT Mar 19, 2014
UPDATED: 01:43 PM MDT Mar 19, 2014



Middle school students moved their lesson from the classroom to the shooting range.

It wasn’t your typical field trip. A group of students in Pueblo County was firing live ammo and learning about gun safety.

“I’m very excited, today we’re going to come out here on the gun range and shoot a little bit. The past week we’ve learned about the revolutionary war,” said Jonah Statezny, a Craver middle school student.

“My favorite part is shooting guns. When I was little we used to go to the shooting range,” said another student, Danielle Cooper.

These students have been on field trips before. But not one quite like this.

Guns in school can be a touchy subject.

“Often firearms and schools don’t mix. There’s a big fear there. So we are pushing the safety aspect and hopefully ease some people’s fears,” said Timothy Baird, with the Craver Middle School

Appleseed is a nonprofit, dedicated to teaching American history and traditional marksmanship.

For the first time, the national organization brought guns into a classroom, right in Pueblo County.

“We’ve never been allowed to bring actual real firearms into a school. Until this week. This is a very big deal. We had them touching fire arms, holding them and learning about how to handle them safely,” said Elizabeth Blackwood with Appleseed.

“I think everyone should learn how to use a gun but learn how to use it properly, and the precautions you’re supposed to take and how serious a gun really is,” said Statezny.

“I think they should learn and it’s actually pretty good advice,” added Cooper.

It’s advice some teachers think needs to be in the hands of students in school.

“Personally I think it’s a great step forward,” said Baird.

The school got permission from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s office and all the parents for gun lessons and the field trip.

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UPDATE: Under intense pressure, Caprock Academy has decided to allow Kamryn Renfro to return to school.
School says girl violated the dress code

Kit Daniels
March 25, 2014

A Colorado girl who shaved her head to support a friend who went bald due to cancer treatment was suspended from school for violating the dress code.


Kamryn Renfro decided to shave her head to support her friend Delaney Clements who was undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 cancer, but school officials at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction barred her from returning to the public charter school until her hair grew back, according to the Daily Sentinel.

They later said she could return but under the stipulation that they would discuss the situation during a closed meeting today.

Officials planned the special meeting only after receiving massive pressure from outraged residents and others who heard the story through social media.

In yesterday’s announcement of the meeting, school president Norton Breman stated that shaved heads were not allowed by the dress code policy, “which was created to promote safety, uniformity and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students.”

She also added that exceptions to the policy may be made “under exigent and extraordinary circumstances,” which Renfro’s mother, Jamie Olson Renfro, asked for in the first place.

“Words can not express how humbled my family is from all the support that our friends, family and even people we have never met before, have shown us through this ordeal that we started [Sunday] evening,” Renfro wrote on Facebook.
The outpouring of support was immense.

“For a little girl to be really brave and want to shave her head in support of her friend, I think it was a huge statement,” said Celement’s mother, Wendy Campbell. “It builds character.”

And Americans across the country were disgusted at the school’s initial response.

“She didn’t shave her head to be a part of a gang or a rebel,” Corrina Shirley, a mother of two, told NBC 11 News. “She shaved her head to show her friend that she wasn’t alone.”

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for school officials to punish a student irrationally.

Recently, a Ohio high school student was arrested and expelled after school officials searched his car without his consent and found a pocket knife.

The knife was part of the student’s EMT training kit used to cut seat belts of accident victims in crashed cars.

And earlier this month, a fifth grader from Ohio was suspended for three days after he pointed his finger like a gun.

School officials have gotten so bizarre in their punishments that it’s taking entire communities to reign them back in to reality.

This article was posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 10:32 am

People have the right to certain weapons… providing that they register them

Mikael Thalen
March 21, 2014

A workbook handed out to seventh grade students in Springfield, Ill., states that all Americans must register their firearms in order to have a Second Amendment right.


Provided to the Illinois Gun Owners Rights Facebook page by a local parent, the required reading makes several blatantly false statements regarding the right to gun ownership.

“This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison,” the workbook states.

Along with an open ended statement regarding the right to “certain weapons,”  the assignment also excludes mention that Americans have the right to “keep” and bear arms.

The parent, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the assignment to Storyleak and detailed their child’s initial reaction.

“My son was given a workbook at school that is a compilation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When they covered the 2nd Amendment, he saw that they were stating that only ‘certain guns’ could be owned and that they had to be ‘registered,’ which he knew was false,” the parent said. “He bought this to my attention as he felt it was wrong to teach these things that aren’t true. I’m extremely proud of my son for his actions.”

“Me and my children are active gun enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd amendment. I have discussed the 2nd amendment with them several times and explained what it meant and its importance to our country.”

While the parent confronted several school administrators, the workbook is likely to stay in circulation for young students across the state.

“I even told the school officials I talked to that you can’t reword the Constitution to what you think it should be and you should only teach what it is,” the parent said. “We live in a society where children are being taught to fear firearms instead of embracing them and our shooting sports. Heck 50-60 years ago you had police officers coming into schools teaching firearm safety and now we have schools teaching false information and fear. It’s a sad time.”

Unfortunately for young minds across the country, false information regarding the Bill of Rights and Constitution is rampant throughout the public school system.

Just last year, a Common Core backed textbook known as the most “widely adopted history textbook” was revealed to state that Americans only have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

Also last year, sixth grade students in Arkansas were given an assignment to “revise” the “outdated” Bill of Rights, suggesting that the government can grant and remove inalienable rights.



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